A tech podcast about the startups that are having a positive impact right now

Techlash is an immersive chat show featuring montages, interviews, and informed opinions. Silicon Valley captured our imaginations with advances in e-commerce, mobile, and social by 2010. Ten years later, we're still grappling with the consequences of such rapid innovation. Techlash is a celebration and disssection of this complex moment in time.

Hosted by early-stage startup veterans

Theo Miller

Theo was one of the first team members at Carta in 2013. After he left the company in 2018, the CEO commissioned Theo to make a narrative podcast about his experience at the company. Theo's writing appears on sites like Forbes, CNBC, and Hacker Noon. He also serves as a judge for UC Berkeley’s Big Ideas contest.

Zibbie Nwokah

Zibbie joined Carta in 2014 as the 10th employee. He led the initial build out of client services, partnerships, and public markets for Carta, and he's currently a Business Development Director under the brokerage and markets team. Zibbie is also an active advisor and angel investor focused on legal and financial technology.

Launching Winter 2020